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Asian Lettuce Cups

For Thanksgiving this year, I was trying to come up with out-of-the-box ideas since our family isn’t big on the traditional turkey/stuffing/potatoes menu. I decided to make stuffed cabbage (using this Smitten Kitchen recipe but adding some fennel seeds and … Continue reading

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Roasted Tofu and Eggplant

Recently, I tried a recipe for “Black Pepper Tofu and Eggplant.” While I’m not sure I’d make it again–since it kind of tasted like my teriyaki recipe but not as good–I loved the method for cooking the tofu and eggplant, … Continue reading

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Tomato, Kale, Gruyere and Bread Casserole

If you want something hot, easy and loaded with veggies, give this French-style casserole a try! Here’s what you need: 2 bunches kale, stems removed 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 onion, diced 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 cup white wine … Continue reading

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L.A. Kalbi, but with Chicken

Another recent find in the L.A. Times Food Section. This recipe was originally for Korean style short ribs, marinated in a sweet sauce and grilled. I was intrigued by the marinade–Asian pear and maple syrup–but wanted to make a healthier … Continue reading

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Bistro-Style Meatloaf

My grandma–Simon and Jacob’s gigi, has been saving the LA Times Food Sections for me. I pulled this recipe from one of the more recent ones, simplified the ingredients and preparation a bit, and it was great. Here’s what you … Continue reading

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Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

My dad grows all kinds of delicious fruits and veggies, so when I went to his house this weekend, he provided me with a very large bag of homegrown tomatillos. The below recipe is adapted from a Food Network recipe, … Continue reading

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Carrot, Broccoli and Egg Terrine

Going down the rabbit-hole of reading about “genius” cooking tips online, I came across a list of carrot recipes, which included a Wolfgang Puck recipe for a terrine similar to the one I assembled. Today, I gave it a try. … Continue reading

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Almost Instant Soft-Serve

After making this recipe, I think it’s highly unlikely I’ll be buying much ice cream again. It’s so easy, so delicious, and made up of mostly fruit that it’s kind of like a smoothie. I made this round with strawberries … Continue reading

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Oven-Roasted Tomato Vodka Sauce

I always love a good tomato sauce, especially one you can eat on pasta or as soup. This one had a small list of ingredients, simple steps, and didn’t require anything too seasonal. We gave it a try and loved … Continue reading

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Just Cauliflower Soup

Simon randomly requests different vegetables–cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini, broccoli. Most recently, he asked for cauliflower, in part because Highlights Magazine had a recipe for cauliflower “popcorn.” Well, we didn’t make that, but when I came across this super simple cauliflower soup … Continue reading

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