Adult Brazilian Limeade

Adult brazilian limeadeOur mommy and me group got together with moms, dads and babies for a taco party.  Our gracious host requested margaritas, and when I offered to make them, but revealed I was going to use Jose Cuervo margarita mix – even though I have a cooking blog – I was told I could be forgiven.  With that, I knew I had to do better.  So I made three pitchers of this adult limeade and it was a big hit.  (Note I got 3 pitchers by multiplying the recipe times 20).  This recipe was originally Instagrammed on the Anthropologie blog – goes to show you never know where the inspiration for your next meal or drink will come from.  This is really refreshing!  And thanks Mary, Mike and Henry for a great party!

Here’s what you need:

1 lime, quartered

1 cup coconut water, divided in two

2 tablespoons condensed milk

1 tablespoon plus two teaspoons white sugar

1.5 ounces rum or tequila


Here’s what you do:

(1) In a blender, blend together the lime, half the coconut water, condensed milk and sugar.

(2) Pour the lime mixture through a mesh seive so you remove all the lime chunks.

(3) Mix the remaining coconut water and alcohol into the lime juice mixture.

(4) Pour over ice and enjoy!

*Note – I also made this with a meyer lemon.  It was pretty large, so I tripled the other ingredients, and it was deliciuous that way too!  I imagine it would also be nice with a regular lemon as well.

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