Welcome to Jennifer’s cooking and eating blog!

Hi there!  Thanks so much for visiting my blog that will take you through my adventures of trying out new recipes, cooking tasty and mostly healthy foods, and of course, eating the results.

I began “cooking” when I was just a kid.  In fact, I entered a contest for the best sandwich with my Spaghetti Hot Cheese.  It was easy, take a piece of white bread, put some spaghetti with sauce on top, lay a slice of American cheese on top of that, microwave for a minute, and enjoy.  (Also, it was best if cut into quarters.)

As I was growing up, cooking became a special activity for my dad and me.  We would cut recipes out of the LA Times or other magazines and make them on the weekends.  We did everything from homemade pasta (drying on the laundry rack), to homemade sauces, to handmade empanadas.  It was a special activity for us – one we enjoyed more than my sisters or mom did – and one that we were quite good at if I do say so myself.

In addition to letting my creative juices flow through cooking, I also had the chance to really hone my organizational skills.  My dad and I created a file folder system for all of our recipes – I tried to make creative titles for the various categories like “Soups and Stews and Such” or “Mouthwatering Pastas.”  He still has the filing system – although it is in a bit of disarray – much like my 3-ring binder “cookbook” where I keep all of my clipped recipes.

Fast-forwarding to the present, I have retained my love of cooking, of trying new foods, of searching out new recipes, and of eating.  I find cooking relaxing, rewarding and fun.  I try to find recipes that are tasty and healthy (though it’s okay with me if they are just healthy enough).  I love using ingredients that are in season, and cooking for as many people as possible.  Nothing is more rewarding than hearing someone say how delicious your food is.  And Patrick, my significant other, is one of my biggest fans.  Each time I try something new, he says I have outdone myself; again.

I hope that you enjoy learning and laughing with me through new recipes, and that you enjoy making them at home and eating them yourselves.  And as the title of my blog implies, I always make enough to eat today, and have again for lunch or dinner tomorrow.  I look forward to blogging with you!

– Jennifer


18 Responses to Welcome to Jennifer’s cooking and eating blog!

  1. ASHLEY says:

    Congrats on your new blog! This is awesome…I’m willing to try all of your recipes.

    middle sister

  2. Arava says:

    Looks great! mashed potato with kale sounds yummy!

  3. Jamie says:

    I love to cook too! I look forward to all the yummy inspiration to come!

  4. Nkatha says:

    This is excellent Jennifer… I love it. I hope it continues to grow and grow and grow….What excellent homemaking!

  5. Kathy Anderson says:

    Do you deliver?

  6. Brock Foster says:

    I hope I can get in on this.

  7. mommy michele says:

    I am one of your best cheerleaders and know that you got the cooking gene from dad. i promise to be one of your best taste testers – anytime!!!! And, i am so proud of this website…….i will be checking daily. love you, mommyxoxxoxoxo

  8. Anita says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Congratulations, your recipes sound yummy and I can’t wait to sample them pretty soon actually!


  9. Granny & Grandpa says:

    We are so lucky you are our very own!!!! You have saved the day! After all these years, I am completely out of ideas. Now here are these perfect Jennifer/Patrick pages giving inspiration. Oh, and any time you have great leftovers………………………….
    Good luck, good eating, good days ahead. And THANKS

  10. Granny & Grandpa says:

    Don’t know what happened to my first comment but here goes again:
    Your blog is just in time for my “ran out of ideas” phase of life. I look forward to trying some new and inspirational recipes from you and Patrick. And if there are too many leftovers…………………………..! Thanks for everything.

  11. Laura says:

    This looks great Jenn! I will be checking in regularly for ideas. Thanks!

  12. grand pa says:

    but is it kooosher ?????? good luck.

  13. Anne Mukoma says:

    Wow Jen!! Congratulations on starting this – good stuff!!! Already found a recipe Im gonna try! 🙂

  14. Cindy Diamond says:

    Jen, great idea, good recipes, going to try some out. Thanks

  15. Irene Altman says:

    You sent this to the right person! I am a dedicated cook and baker and am always seeking new recipes and ideas. Thanks so much for including me. XOXO

  16. Brock says:

    I would like to make a couple requests:
    1. the meatballs that we make sometimes
    2. a good rice dish like the one you made for the engagement party
    3. Dakota would like a recipe that can be easily reached from the ground

  17. John Gutzwiller - Director of Catering says:

    Jennifer, your mother and I had a lovely visit today and she mentioned your blog so I had to check it out. I love this! A few years ago when my grandparents died I had the chore of going through papers and things deciding who gets what type of thing. I was fortunate enough to find a very old large manila envelope discarded at the bottom of one of the kitchen drawers. It was marred with cooking oil, dust, frosting, etc., etc. It was filled with recipes that she had cut out of ladies magazines and newspapers over the last 50 years. She made notes on each one with the date she tried it out and who the dinner guests were and who liked what. I had tears running down my face as I sat on their kitchen floor next to the stove and read each recipe with her notes. It was like her own personal blog which was almost left undiscovered! I have made it my own goal to make each recipe and keep my own diary of the event to pass on to my own nieces and nephews. Your blog is the same and what a treasure you have given to us by sharing your experiences. Good food is such a social experience and should be celebrated and shared! Thank you so much my darling. 🙂

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