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Sheet Pan Cauliflower Gratin

Ina Garten has some great recipes, including one for cauliflower toasts. However, in an attempt to eat more veggies and less bread, I made this into a lightened cauliflower gratin. And, the second time I made it–because it was quite … Continue reading

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Just Cauliflower Soup

Simon randomly requests different vegetables–cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini, broccoli. Most recently, he asked for cauliflower, in part because Highlights Magazine had a recipe for cauliflower “popcorn.” Well, we didn’t make that, but when I came across this super simple cauliflower soup … Continue reading

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Bibimbap (Korean Fried Rice)

Bibimbap is one of those satisfying, all-in-one type dishes that once you have it, you want it again and again.  I came across a recipe that made bibimbap into a homemade, healthier, vegetarian version.  I have now made it about … Continue reading

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Green Cauliflower and Olive Toss

The library has become one of my favorite places – it’s peaceful, there are so many things to choose from, and it’s free!  The library in Santa Monica felt like a Borders where everything was free the first time I … Continue reading

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