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New Favorite Turkey Meatloaf

Here’s what may be my new go-to turkey meatloaf recipe. It’s moist, simple, and uses mostly ingredients in your fridge or pantry. It’s been adapted from Ina Garten. Here’s what you need: 1-2 large yellow onions, finely diced or chopped … Continue reading

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Asian Lettuce Cups

For Thanksgiving this year, I was trying to come up with out-of-the-box ideas since our family isn’t big on the traditional turkey/stuffing/potatoes menu. I decided to make stuffed cabbage (using this Smitten Kitchen recipe but adding some fennel seeds and … Continue reading

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Good Old Fashioned Meatloaf (MBL Style)

This weekend, Patrick and I decided comfort food would be a nice way to spend Sunday evening – especially after I left him alone all weekend while I attended Brittany’s bachelorette party.  We went for meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  The … Continue reading

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Perfect Homemade Pizza

I have always been a little afraid of making homemade pizza – I have an aversion to undercooked dough, and couldn’t stand the disappointment of spending time making my own dough, topping it and baking it only to come out … Continue reading

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Tomato and Fennel Stewed Italian Turkey Sausages

The first time I made this recipe was a few months back.  It was sooo good, and when I went to find it on my blog to replicate it, I realized I had never posted it!  Alas, here it is.  … Continue reading

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California Style Warm Bread Casserole with Kale, Turkey Sausage, Dates and Almonds (also known as stuffing)

For Thanksgiving, the NY Times posted an article providing a recipe for each of the fifty states.  California’s recipe, not surprisingly, incorporated kale, dates, and sourdough bread, and was inspired by California chef Suzanne Goin (try her restaurants, including Lucques, … Continue reading

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BLTA Salad with Caeser-Ish Dressing

Patrick requested a light and tasty dinner, so I decided to make some creamy dressing and toss it with a BLTA salad.  This dinner was light and delicious with a Caesar-ish dressing — although I must admit, didn’t yield many … Continue reading

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Brock’s Favorite Turkey Parmesan Meatballs

Here is part II of my family favorites installment (part I was Grandpa Julie’s Favorite Borscht).  These turkey (or chicken Parmesan) meatballs are easy to make and really delicious.  And, they provide a healthy, high protein meal.  I like these … Continue reading

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