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Kenyan Chapati

I’m posting this recipe both to share, and for myself, so I don’t forget the ingredient ratios, or the tips my beautiful mother-in-law, Janet, taught me when we first made this together. Chapati is a traditional flaky Kenyan bread that … Continue reading

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Dengu (aka Kenyan Lentils)

For Christmas this year, we were invited to celebrate with a wonderful group of Kenyans. One of my favorite dishes was a simple stew of lentils, tomatoes, cilantro and red onions. I asked the chef for the recipe, and then … Continue reading

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To meet her newest grandson, Simon’s Cucu (pronounced sho-sho), his grandmother from Kenya, came to visit.  In an attempt to make some Kenyan food, Patrick and I darted around the kitchen and made mokimo, a dish that combines potatoes, corn … Continue reading

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